Getting ready to party

We are getting ready here for the Balinese New Year celebrations, famous all over the world for their silent part called Nyepi - 24 hours the life here comes to a standstill, even the airport is closing and do not try to leave the house secretly to visit your lover - it can end in a disaster as happened to our neighbour a few years ago : But that is a story I will tell you in two days, on the 12.March, the day of this years Nyepi and as always on the New Moon day in March. First comes the purification from the dirt, pollution of all kind. Then comes the parade of Ogah-Ogah's and let's start here showing one of them I saw on my daily morning rides with the pedelec (hybrid push-bike). Nyepi 2013 Ogah-Ogah

More info about Nyepi you can find in this post from 2007