Festival diary – day 1

As a result of the 'Blogger for Beginners' workshop of the Ubud Writer and Reader Festival we are posting here those blog entries related to the Ubud Writers and Readers Conference 2010. For reference and further reading please look at the end of the articles. Blogger friends, who do not agree, that their diaries are posted please call back! As a starter Bob Gosford from his Blog 'The Northern Myth'
Register and off to the press conference. The jovial and rotund  Australian-Irish leprechaun that is Thom Keneally was joined on stage by Festival Director Janet De Neefe, a few others that I didn’t know.

A jovial, rotund leprechaun of a man, Thomas Keneally
A jovial, rotund leprechaun of a man, Thomas Keneally
Also there was Sitor Situmorang, a prolific local author once jailed for eight years without trial following publication of his essay Revolutionary Literature. He later moved to the Netherlands for ten years.I’ll have more about Sotor and his work soon.
Sitor Situmorang - one of the 'Angkatan 45'
Sitor Situmorang - one of the Angkatan 45
Ubud sign & bike

Then it was off to the Ubud Royal Palace for the Gala Opening. More details of that when battery life allows but for now here are some pics from around town and other events…
Panyembrahma dancers headshot
Meanwhile…back to the luvvies…

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