Welcome back to Ubud

Back in town after so many years: Edward Viljoen of KSRO fame for those listening to Sonoma County radio. And he allows us this time to follow each of his steps by posting directly with his blackberry to his weblog. Despite these changes in his own way of travelling and documentating it he still enjoys, what he sees: =?Windows-1252?B?SU1HMDA2NDAuanBn?=-734871.jpeg
Ubud stays the same
Warm, friendly, authentic, silly, fun, mystical

Ubud is a vibrant village-town in the middle of Bali and is the cultural hot spot of the island. The not so distant history of back packing universe seeking tourist days still lingers among the wifi cafes and designer shops - you can still find a home-stay or an old style room with breakfast next door to a world class boutique hotel.

Sprawling mansions stand on the outskirts in the midst of rice fields, ducks and geese. Tour busses clog the narrow streets and adventure companies create excursions, elephant rides and treks.

But Ubud stays the same to me as it was the first time I met it. Warm, friendly, authentic, silly, fun, mystical.

It is our second base on this tour and it's central location makes it easy to get from Ubud to the temples on our itinerary or if we wanted......mountains, beaches, and major towns.

Tonight Balinese Dancing - porcelain faces, unmoving-unsmiling mouths with all the passion, fun, romance and drama in the eyes only. Darting eyes, just like the fingers and their mesmerising lateral dance movements. Spectacularly slow body movements in postures that look like a back ache trying to happen!

But first, Bebek Tutu - traditional smoked duck lunch.


ahmad wiyono said...

i love this blog! keep up good works. See you again..