Tawur Kesanga: A year ends with fun and noice

As in many other villages one day before Nyepi Ubud will hold a large exorcism ceremony around noon around the main village cross road, the meeting place of the demons.

Ubud‘s Ogoh-ogoh (the fantastic monsters or evil spirits or the Butha Kala made of bamboo) are famous creatures for those carnival purposes. The Ogoh-ogoh monsters symbolize the evil spirits surrounding our environment which have to be got rid of from our lives .

Some are giants taken from classical Balinese lore. All have fangs, bulging eyes and scary hair and are illuminated by torches. Aim is to maintain a harmonic relation between human being and God, human and human, and human and their environments.

In the evening, the Hindus celebrating Ngerupuk, start making noises and light burning torches and set fire to the Ogoh-ogoh in order to get the Bhuta Kala, evil spirits, out of our lives. Sometimes pretty scary with all this noice and rockets around - till nearly total silence is falling over Bali.