Nyepi 2007 - The day of silence

Sorry, No Post for today: We Are Out for Nyepi reads it on one Bali website. No phone call gets picked up, no email gets answered. The Balinese celebrating their New Year today: Nyepi.

No visitors are allowed to come to the island during the day of silence. All entry points, apart from the international airport, Gilimanuk Port in West Bali and Padang Bai Port in East Bali, will be closed. The island's Ngurah Rai International Airport will welcome its last flight on Sunday at midnight and will halt operations until the morning of March 20.

Ogoh-Ogohs 2006
The island is temporarily closed for 24 hours as of Monday morning at 6 a.m. through to the same time Tuesday to observe Nyepi (the Hindu Day of Silence).

90 percent of the island's 3.5 million inhabitants will practice Yoga Semedi and Catur Berata Penyepian (meditation), Amati Geni (which forbids them from lighting fires and switching on lights), Amati Karya (working), Amati Lelanguan (enjoying leisure activities) and Amati Lelungan (leaving their houses).

Visitors are encouraged to stay in their hotels during the holiday, as the island will be tightly guarded by traditional Balinese security guards, Pecalang, to ensure all people abide by the holiday regulations.

Bali will be completely darkened and silenced for a full day, allowing the island's Hindu population to meditate, contemplate and pray for a better future and visiting tourists to expereince one of Bali's most outstanding ceremonies as the Balinese welcome the Saka New Year 1929.
More photos with Ogoh-Ogohs 2006
We have illustrated this article with photos taken by Andreas Bittner at last New Years afternoon celebrations proceeeding the day of silence.