Ubud Tours I: Up to Kintamani

An often recommended tour from Ubud is to get up to the village of Kintamani to have breakfast at a restaurant overlooking Lake Batur and Mount Batur. The first glimpse of this active volcano will take your breath away even more if you have managed to take one of the organised Tours offered by the local Padma Tours in Jl. Kajeng, central Ubud or the International Sobek with its tour office on the Sayan river. You can start the day with an early breakfast at 3 a.m. in Ubud's Ladybamboo Villa and other participating Ubud Accommodations and returning back to Ubud for an early lunch and a good siesta. The strong ones with little time let the morning roll out with one of the lovely bike downhills of Bali, others might do that on a seperate day - or not at all:)

Ingo JezierskiBalinese in the mountains look differently shows photographer ©Ingo Jezierski

The bike route from Kintamani to Ubud winds down through farmland, fields and tiny villages where ordinary Balinese go about their lives. Little children run out as you pass, waving and calling "Hallo." The guide stops frequently to acquaint you with local crops, including coffee, cacao, turmeric, ginger and taro.

Bali is so gorgeous, you can't help but gasp and stop from time to time when a hillside terraced with rice paddies or a thousand-year old temple comes into view.


Johnny Ong said...

i intended to travel to bali and stay at ubud area but worried abt the cost of transportation my travel arrangement only covers up to airport but what abt the cost of travel from resort out to get my daily meals

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hi. as i am a travel writer it is a great knowledge to me. nice to be here.

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