Budiana - Melbourne next step after India

I Ketut Budiana (55), well known painter from Ubud, Bali, will make a one-month visit to Melbourne, Australia, this April. "My visit is at the invitation and sponsorship of Dr Mizes Teven, an anthropologist from LaTrobe University in Melbourne," explained Ketut this Sunday in Bali.

During his stay in Australia, he will paint animals and every things relating to affection. The paintings were expected to be able to support the research on Hinduism, which had been carried out by Dr. Teven, he said.

"Dr Mizes has conducted researches in various places in Bali concerning the teachings of Siva," Budiana said. His works of art, both painted in Bali and which will be painted in Australia, will be displayed in LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to painting, he will also give information on the teachings of Siva to the Australian audience. 'Kundalini' a work by Budiana shown below may fit to this as would do other paintings by I Ketut Budiana clearily influenced by his earlier stay in India.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Bpk Budiana from Ubud will be coming to Melbourne this april. My name is cok raka studying in Melbourne majoring international business at Swinburne.

As I and some other relatives from Ubud are studying in Melbourne, so we’ll be glad to meet bpk Budiana while he is in Melbourne.
Plz feel free to contact me if he needs any help.

Kelly said...

I love this piece.

The Ice Cream Man said...

i agree with the above