Wolfgang Widmoser - the best painter of Bali?

Wolfgang WidmoserUbud presents a new website featuring one of the most gifted artists of Bali: Austrian Wolfgang Widmoser, already a well known painter from Europe to the shores of Australia. His astounding body of work is now featured on

Praised by many previewers as the best website about a Bali artist, it presents over one hundred of his recent paintings in an easy format featuring flash movies and 'resting' stills for those with slower Internet access.

The website affords insight in the inner workings and inspirations of Wolfgang: Inspired by the people of Ubud, his family and the colourful environment in which he lives, Wolfgang treads into exiting and unknown territories from his recent virtual-reality paintings of Ubud water lilies to female Balinese heads to vibrant abstract reality paintings.

Thanks to Wolfgang the site will help promote Ubud as the art centre of Bali and beyond. We invite other artists, galleries, music and cooking class organisers as well as schools of Ubud to present their work in a similar fashion on our website.