Ubud-Impressions I: Ladybamboo Villa

Ingo JezierskiGreens in the Ladybamboo Villa in Ubud ©Ingo Jezierski

Still dreaming from those days in 2006 in Ubud... After many years I got the chance to visit Bali again, one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. Some of you might remember to have seen photos of my earlier visits in the Apa Guide books.

This time I was especially lucky as a friend was recommending me the newly opened Ladybamboo Villa as a cozy place to stay. And the Villa really fits my needs. With its central location directly in the center of Ubud it's an perfect place to explore Ubud by walking, which comes especially handy for those like me, who do not drive a car.
I like to share with some of the photos I made while rediscovering your beautiful artists village. Let's start here with a shot from the Ladybamboo gardens.