'TRANSITION' by Linda Buller

Although a bit far away from Ubud the Janggala Gallery in Jemberan attracts regularly a bigger crowd of local expats to its famous exhibition openings. For this holiday season and beyond curator John Adsit has choosen to invite Linda Buller to display her work in this outstanding gallery close to Bali's International airport. He writes:

Linda Buller expresses her spirituality and concerns of her surroundings. Almost everything that she sees on earth is inspiring: mountains, animals, and people. Linda often travels to have a new experience before starting a series of artwork. While traveling, she feels like a sponge which absorbs things before bringing them out again after being contemplated. For Linda, a painting is a utensil, something that helps us think about what we want in our life and which road we want to travel.

Linda started painting at the age of 14 and studied fine arts at the Bendigo Institute of Technology in Melbourne for three years. Linda was also an active member of the Fitzroy (Melbourne) Arts Scene for ten years as a performer, poet and visual artist participating in both group and solo exhibitions. Having lived and worked in Bali for ten years, Linda's career has blossomed internationally, with work being sold to collections in Italy, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Indonesia.