Duo exhibition in Komaneka

This are these special days again, when one exhibition opening is following the next. The Komaneka Gallery follows next this Saturday, the 23rd of December at 7 p.m. opening the exhibition of two of the artists featured prominently in it's excellent gallery.

I Nyoman Sujana Kenyem was born on 9 September 1972 in Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. He is one of few native painters of the Ubud area to have been able to distance themselves from the shackles of the local tradition. Like almost all the youth from his village of Sayan, Sujana Kenyem was first trained as an artist from the Young Artists naïve tradition of nearby Penestanan. It is there, where he had learned to deal with the repetitive patterns compelled upon him by the then thriving Young Artist marked and, after entering The STSI School of Art in Denpasar, he shifted to abstraction. Then Kenyem’s work develop to many series talk about nature, animal, human that conveys a message that a harmonious living amongst human, and human with nature is better kind of life.

Putu Sudiana was born in the tiny island of Nusa Penida off the southeast coast of Bali on 30 December 1972. In a place known for its fishing and seaweed farming, Sudiana began by painting fishing boats. His great interest in painting was unusual in a fishing village, but this did not discourage him from wanting to formally study painting. After finishing junior high school in Nusa Penida, he bravely moved to Bali to study fine arts.

I Nyoman Sujana's and I Putu Sudiana's Exhibition
at The Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud

23 December 2006 - 23 January 2007, The Gallery opens everyday: 8 AM - 8 PM


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