Dadang Christianto: Pilgrim Project

Dadang Christanto presents his work in Ubud in a collaboration between the Gaya Fusion Art Spaceand the Langgeng Gallery. Dadang is one of those special Indonesian artists from the generation of Wayan Sika, Wayan Djirna and Wayan Karja as can be seen in the Ubudarts Gallery.From the invitation:

The well-driven paintings Christanto presents in his opening at Gaya Fusion Art Space seem to look back to influences ranging from Italian arte povera to Indian tantric paintings to Indonesian batik; his stylization is contemporary, intelligent; the paintings speak to each other with textures and transposed symbols stripped of their decorative aspects (e.g., chilly peppers and Indonesian flowers that become flames); and the skilled play of positive and negative space combines with the fragility of his mark-making to evoke a human element that's beyond borders.

Despite the wealth of references, the names that come first when looking at Christanto's work are not Pizzi Cannella or Paladino or Pollock, but Samantha Power, Darfur, Rwanda, and, of course, Christanto's own father, abducted and murdered by Indonesian government soldiers during the purges of the mid-1960s. Because the work is so clearly rooted in its own space, it is immediate, intense, and real.

Dadang Christanto: Pilgrim Project at Gaya Fusion Art Space, Ubud, Bali

Opening:Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, With an introduction by Oei Hong Djien, Pecandu Seni

Viewing: 20 Dec, 2006 _ 20 Jan, 2007, Daily, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM