A Hindu place for strange people?

Made Wijaya complains in today's Jakarta Post about recent tendencies
of instrumental use of Bali, it's traditions, but also its sufferings
for advertising works of western visitors and those taking residence
in Bali. Highlight in his as usual well and very funny written article, which comments the recent anniversaries with a totally different approach:

Ubud's successful Writers and Readers Festival -- recently
infiltrated by refined feminists with tabloid tendencies -- came up
with some shockers at last month's festival too. Kiwi-Kintamani
wonder-woman Sarita Newson founder of Bali's popular publishing house
Saritaksu, and of the Bukit Kucit Women's Refuge, sent out an
invitation to launch a book "set in the artisan hill town of Ubud
between bomb one and bomb two. The novel explores notions of paradise
and a modern woman's quest for meaning and passion in a post 9/11

What is it about these bombs that has unleashed the pens of so many
lady writers?!!

Author Gill Marais and Publisher Sarita Newson (second from left) dedicate their book "Sacred and Secret" to the Balinese People

Or we could also ask, what problem has Australian born Made with New Zealand born Sarita? Full article...