Readers and Writers come again

Janet De Neefe, founder and master mind of the hugly succesfull Ubud Writers and Readers festival writes about the preparation for the third return of this annual festival, schedualed this year for the last days of September and the beginning of October:

Perhaps the greatest joy in organizing a writer’s festival is the constant communication with some of the world’s finest writers. It has been a delight sharing thoughts, ideas and even recipes, with this year’s wonderful line-up.

As the bookings roll in for what promises to be another wonderful event, the Festival committee is working overtime to fine tune our exciting program. One of the more light-hearted events of the Festival will be a feverish debate about “Love”. An exciting mix of international writers and poets will match words and wits as they attempt to find out, “love - who does it better” - poets or novelists. Dragonfly restaurant will turn into a boxing-ring of verbal action amongst the festival’s most serious lust and romance writers and poets, including Tarun Tejpal, Shalini Akhil, Kunal Basu, Albertina Soepboer and others.

From European shores, we are proud to host Raoul Shrott who is an acclaimed poet, novelist, translator and essayist who was born on a boat, grew up in Tunisia and Germany and now lives in Ireland. Raoul Schrott is considered unique amongst contemporary writers and his work brings together verse, history, narration and investigation. Many thanks to the Goethe-Institut Indonesia for sponsoring Raoul’s visit.

We are also pleased to have Albertina Soepboer appearing in our festival this year, courtesy of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Albertina is a bilingual writer who writes in both Frisian and Dutch. Her short stories, plays and lyrics delve into issues of female identity, history and language itself, often influenced by music and traveling. She will be joining our love panel and adding her words in many languages.

On the love panel from India, Tarun Tejpal, well-known journalist and author of acclaimed debut novel, The Alchemy of Desire, will share his thoughts on love and intimacy - guaranteed to make you blush. The Alchemy of Desire has been called a complex chemistry between sex, ambition and love. Say no more! Kunal Basu delivered luscious, unforgettable messages of love and lust in his best-seller The Miniaturists and added many touches of erotica between the lines. Stay tuned for an electrifying evening where anything can happen!

Amongst our line-up of Balinese writers is Ketut Yuliarsa, who recently appeared on the Australian ABC television drama, Answered by Fire. Ketut is a poet, actor and musician who now lives in Sydney. His latest book of poetry, Jatuh Bisu, Falling in Silence, was launched at Indus restaurant in July this year. Ketut will be discussing his part in the production of the internationally acclaimed, Theft of Sita, with shadow-puppet master, Made Sidia.

And stay tuned for many more exciting festival events that will appear soon on our website! Til next month...Janet De Neefe, Festival Director