Magic in Bali

Many visitors to Bali referring to their experiences here as "The magic of Bali", yet sometimes this phrase is also used for advertising our small paradise.

When the Balinese talking about magic, they mean actually something completely different. The power of magic is still revered to in Bali, where more than 90 percent of the population accept magic as a part of daily life. Trisha Sertori article in todays Jakarta Post allows an insight view.

Photo courtesy of publisher Saritaksu, Bali Sacred & Secret by Gill Marais: A Hard-cover, Full-colour Deluxe Coffee Table Book

So strong is the belief in magic that there is a television program that regularly discusses magic, hosted by magazine editor and respected magician, I Gusti Agung Ngurah Harta.

But more extraordinarily, regular competitions are held for beginners in the magic arts, a bit like Harry Potter's Quidditch airborne game, dangerous for players and observers alike.

An expert on Bali's black magic, who requested anonymity said it was safe to watch this annual competition that will be again held in October, but 25-year-old Kadek from Ubud disagrees. She said witnessing this competition can be deadly.

"It is dangerous. If they see you watching, you can die. Last time this competition was held, the farmers who saw it went to their rice fields the following day and became ill. It's too dangerous," Kadek said, adding that spirit wars also occur, like the one between the Balinese villages of Medahan and Blahbutuh in 1996...


Anonymous said...

My wife and I know about Bali magic ... it is for real. Our love for Bali goes back many years, and we have a property interest just outside of Ubud. We now live in San Diego, California and dream of the day when we return again to Bali. When we lived on the island of Saipan, Bali was a mere 5 hours from Guam. Oh, those were the days. Our home is decorated in Balinese fashion and we listen to Balinese music in the evenings. Hard to believe that it's been 5 1/2 years since our last visit. But, yes, the Bali Magic is something to not be misunderstood ...