Ubud Festival comes to an end

The performance of the Grup Gebedong Goyang (G-3), otherwise known as the Swinging Banana Sisters, have been the highlight of today's closing ceremony for the month long Ubud Festival. Stage has been set for their free performance on Ubud's football field. The four womman of a 'certain aga' specialise in renderings of dangdut (Indo Pop), Bali Pop and Bali Rock Alternative music. Their performance has been watched by more than 5000 members of the Ubud community and visiting guests from all over the world.

Wednesday's concert was opened with the Balinese Reggae song Melalung (Naked), a musical commentary on the recently proposed Anti-Pornographic law. The audience was caught by surprise, that this four Western woman living in Ubud were presenting the plays following this spectacular opener mainly in Balinese language. It is maybe explained by the fact, that Rucina Ballinger, Kerry Pendergrast, Suzan Kohlik and Antonella Discantis are all happily married with Indonesian men, most of them with Balinese.

As a special bonus, a special edition of the TV Biyu Tasak News (Overripe Banana News) together with the latest new 'lifestyle' foods available at the Ubud market was part of the show. Mother nature brought the event with some light rain showers around midnight to a perfectly timed end.