Shipping to the World

Editor Kadek Krishna Adidharma was the moderator of the closing ceremony for the two-weeks lauch of Sacred & Secret, Bali's latest and greatest photo coffee table book. 'We have introduced in the last two weeks this book to Bali, from tomorrow on we will ship directly to those customers all over the world, who have helped us with pre-ordering to make this book possible." There are just ten books left in the publishers office, so a second print of the book will also have to follow soon.

Gathering in the upmarket Komaneka Gallery in the heart of Ubud a crowd of Ubud's most influential book lovers listened to Kadek, when he repeatedly mentioned the closure of the 2-week 'painting exhibition' of Gill Marais photos accompanying the launch. And in deed: In a sense Gill Marais is not a photographer at all but rather a painter who uses her camera as a brush and light as her paint. When asked to name photographers she admired, she spoke first of Italian Renaissance painters. Those impressed by the technical sophistication of her work, which makes her a photographer’s photographer, should take note that she stumbled upon her calling rather late in life and thankfully with few pretenses and preconceptions. The result of the combination is refreshingly powerful.

Certainly, too, a secret passion to capture an unknown Bali, where she has lived part of the year for almost two decades, was her preliminary catalyst. After more than a century of photography on the island she was determined to avoid the usual stereotypes.

Bali Sacred & Secret by Gill Marais: A Hard-cover, Full-colour Deluxe Coffee Table Book with loose jacket, 248 pages. For ordering please contact us here.