More at Rendezvousdoux

Can't get enough from those photos published in the new coffee table book of Bali's Secret & Sacred culture? Today the last introduction session with the photographer and editers of this fabulous book was held at Ubud's new literary meeting point at Rendezvousdoux, Ubud main street. ‘Bali Sacred & Secret’ is a book with a mission as strong and powerful as the images of photographer Gill Marais recorded within it. And it is being launched at a time when the world seems to have relegated magic, art and religious ritual to the bottom of the priority list, in its preoccupation with terrorism, war and the battle for power over the planet’s failing resources. In this world where hedonism has become regarded as a human right in the search to distract the mind from the realities at hand, the devotion of the Balinese to protection of the universe through the perpetration of their busy calendar of festivities that require offerings, ritual and prayer makes it an anomaly in modern times.

Bali Sacred & Secret: A Hard-cover, Full-colour Deluxe Coffee Table Book with loose jacket, 248 pages