Bali Secret & Sacred

Today's full moon saw the launch of a new book at IBAH Luxury Villas & Spa, Campuhan, Ubud, by Saritaksu Editions. The only book of its type in Bali, it pays tribute to the living culture, that continues to recharge and renew itself by involving every member in the community from birth unto death in a series of ceremonies designed to raise consciousness and give thanks to the universe. with its vibrant images of Balinese life and ritual offers the world a glimpse of just how the Balinese do this…. how a unique culture both “Secret and Sacred", can be kept alive and strong, continuing to involve both young and old, and captivate visitors decade after decade.

Author Gill Marais and Publisher Sarita Newson dedicate their book to the Balinese

Around 300 guests attended the evening, enjoying a program which reflected the cultural message of the book. After placing their offerings, traditional Kidung singers from Sidakarya heightened the atmosphere of full moon, their voices chanting haunting Balinese hymns that added a sacred dimension to the atmosphere of the beautiful garden and pavilions of IBAH. The Sudamani children's gamelan and dancers of Pengosekan, Ubud, proceeded to captivate the audience.

Here a sneak preview on some of the most spectacular photos of the book, some of them we will publish as an appetiser for the real book on this site through the coming weeks.

Select images from the book Bali Sacred & Secret are in display from Aug. 8-22 at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Monkey Forest Road, Ubud. Tel: (0361) 976090.