Gamelan Group

For more than three years the International Women Gamelan Group, seen here playing at the Indonesian Indepndence Day Celebrations in August 2005, has its base at Pondok Pekak, next to Football Field, Monkey Forest Street, Ubud. They have performances also at some occasions like the Annual Nusa Dua Festival, local Villages Ceremonies, etc. The performance were fabolous, its gathering multiculture since the members are from various nations: USA, Australia, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, plus local people.
Nevertheless they have problems with holding members for long time because many expatriat are not staying in Bali forever. Eventually they come and go, leaving the group which is already like a family to each other. But the show must go on. Therefore now the group is looking for new members, local & expats whose interest in playing gamelan and have time to practise twice a week, Monday and Friday from 6pm to 8 pm at Pondok Pekak in Ubud.


Kavita Byrd said...

How does one contact the International Women Gamelan group?
Thanks, Kavita at