Eight Sculptors Exhibition in Mas

Eight sculptors from Japan, Malaysia (Eng Tay's Ascensions displayed on the left) and Indonesia are holding a three-week joint exhibition at the Bidadari gallery, Mas Village, five kilometres from Ubud.

'The eight artists are exhibiting their sculptures that attempt to trace the root of Asian sculpting art,' gallery owner Made Sudiana Bendesa said.

The eight artists are Torige Seiki, Nishioka Taishin and Tomotari Mikako of Japan; Eng Tay and Noor Ibrahim of Malaysia, Pande Ketut Taman, Wayan Madra and Ketut Geledih of Indonesia.

Especially Seiki is re-known in Bali for his unusual glass works, which often serve also very practical purposes as drinking glasses, carafes, plates etc. In 1970 he started to learn stained glass works at the Lindo Glassy studio in Milan, Italy.

He established his first own Glass studio in Tokio in 1978 and later, in 1995, another one close to Ubud in the Gianyar district of Bali.

The exhibition will run until January 20, 2006.