Wide range of activities on offer

Travel tips for Ubud alaround. Some of the latest from Jakarta here...While Ubud is known as the cultural capital of Bali, it also offers a range of outdoor activities. Its rivers, valleys, rice fields and hills provide a stimulating landscape for the adventurous tourist. Tour operators offer white-water rafting, cycling, trekking, bird watching, elephant rides, kayaking, as well as other activities. Rafting provides an excellent opportunity to check out the natural scenery and wildlife of Ubud.

The art village has become a favorite place for people seeking to rejuvenate their mental and physical well-being through various activities such as yoga, pilates and martial arts. A plethora of restaurants, hotels, villas and resorts are located in Ubud and cooking classes are available to tourists.

For those who enjoy the local food, a walking tour of the traditional markets and herb gardens around Ubud provides clear explanations of the essential ingredients in Indonesian cooking.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, getting around by bike is a great way to experience Ubud. Bicycles are available for rent. More tips from the Jakarta Post.