Ubud's Royal Palace

Today's festival opening has put the eyes of the world on our tiny village and it's Royal Palace with I Made Jagra, reporting for the Jakarta Post.

For years Ubud, 'the global and multicultural' village that lies some 30 kilometers northeast of the island's capital of Denpasar, has been lauded as Bali's finest example of a culture-based tourist destination.

The popular image of Ubud is of a tranquil town that has been able to preserve its unique and rich natural and cultural legacies. Ubud has grown into a special destination for visitors who come to the island looking for cultural and spiritual enlightenment rather than nightlife.

For many Ubudians and world visitors alike, tourism in Ubud is a harmonious mixture of art, tradition, spiritual and religious endeavors. The beginnings of cultural tourism have been strongly linked to the influential Ubud royal families of Puri Ubud.

When the island of Bali entered its tourism boom in the early 1970s, Ubud was careful not to adopt the consumer- and investment-oriented tourism policies mostly adopted by other areas.

The family of Puri Ubud actively promoted Ubud to international visitors, state leaders, writers and artists, while at the same time working hard to prevent the village from growing into a tourist hub by enforcing regulations that allowed no large-scale developments and other measures." More ...