Ubud festival volunteers

In an very informative background report Chisato Hara gives an insight to the backstage of the Ubud Writer Festival, finally brinking to attention also venue volunteers like Ariana Wijaya, a resident of Banjar Batanancak in Mas village, Ubud. Long time resident of Ubud she volunteered for the second year at the festival "because I want to help the festival gain greater awareness from among the public".

As for her personal motives, she said: "I hope to gain more knowledge about literature and to attract more local people to love reading. From my experience, local interest in reading books is still low, even though most people have a good appreciation for listening to stories told verbally."

"I'm excited about the launch," Ariana added."It's very inspiring, because here in Ubud, it's usually an arts festival. Literary events are still new."

And she appritiates the many contacts to writers and readers from all around the world: For her it means "no borders. We are one, yet we have an opportunity to exchange cultures through our diversity". Full report