How Ubud took over a man’s spirit

When Santa Cruz teacher, poet and musician DAN PHILLIPS was about to turn 50, he looked around for something to reinvigorate the second half of his life and found, not a hobby, but an entire culture.

In 1986, Dan and his wife Judy took a short tour of the Indonesian country of Bali and their lives were changed forever. Ten years after their initial visit, the couple bought a second home outside the village of Ubud and Phillips began editing the stack of journals he’d been keeping over the past decade.

"The Bali In Me," the product of Phillips’ journals, is available by contacting him at dipmensch@aol.com. A narrative of his time in Bali, Phillips’ 122-page book is also about his spiritual growth.

In addition to relating his delight with temples, shadow puppets, water buffalo, chanting priests and clove plantations, Phillips also tells us how Bali helped him grow as an artist, especially as a member of a gamelan orchestra.

He tells about the many Balinese ceremonies, raves about the Javanese nobleman’s house he bought with friends and gives us clues to the Balinese personality. A useful guide for anyone contemplating a trip to Bali.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz,CA,USA


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