Hashish in Ubud

The saga continues - as previously reported our small town is witnessing a 'big' drug case - INDONESIAN prosecutors have demanded today a seven-month jail term for Adelaide man John Pyle, for smoking hashish.

But they dropped a more serious charge of drug possession - which could have carried a maximum 10 years in prison - because of lack of evidence.

Mr Pyle has been in Bali police custody for almost three months. The prosecution recommended today that this period be deducted from any sentence imposed if he is found guilty by Gianyar District Court. Wearing white shirt and black pants, Mr Pyle, 42, looked relaxed and smiled as he listened to a translation of prosecutor Ida Ayu Surasmi's submission.

Mr Pyle, an internet businessman, was arrested on May 8 when a police raid uncovered 1.8g of hashish in his rented home in Gianyar, just outside the mountain tourist town of Ubud. In earlier testimony, Mr Pyle denied that the drugs were his, but he admitted smoking hashish and described himself as an addict who has used the drug to relieve stress since his days at university.

"At this time, he's still addicted and he's under physician's treatment," Mr Pyle's defence lawyer, Mohammad Rifan, said today. Mr Rifan is to make his final submission to the court next Monday.

Mr Pyle is a frequent visitor to Bali who has told the three-judge panel hearing his case that he is a member of the anti-drugs education committee of the Ubud Rotary Club - maybe it should be also mentioned, that this program is dealing with SERIOUS cases of drug addiction related to heroin and often involving HIV/AIDS as well - and gets applause from all sides for it's successful campaigning especially in schools.

Update 15.August: Pyle has expressed relief and regret after a Bali court handed down a relatively light five-month jail term for using hashish. He has already spent three months in jail, meaning he will be free in about two months. "I'm very relieved. I've got less than two months to go," he told AAP before being whisked away by police to Gianyar Prison, where he will complete his sentence. "I'll go back to Adelaide for a while when I get out."

Pyle, wearing black slacks and a blue shirt, smiled as he was led out of the court and posed for pictures with his former girlfriend and prison guards. He said he regretted the incident that led to his arrest and had a simple message for other Australians who may be tempted to use drugs in Bali.

"Don't do it," he said.

During his trial, Pyle said he met a local girl named Lya through a friend of a friend at an Ubud bar called Long Gal on May 7 and took her back to his house around 3am the next morning. He said he had not seen a plastic bag containing 1.0g of hash until police found it during the raid at 5am the next morning, by which time Lya had left.

Sources: Own research and The Australian


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Chaoley said...

The bar is called "Exiles', not long gals.

Watch out for women with strange agendas.