Ubud volunteers staff Aceh Clinic

This account by Robin Lim was prepared by Catherine Wheeler for publishing in today's Jakarta Post.

Robin is the the midwife who founded the Yayasan Bumi Sahat Clinic in Ubud. Lim and a team of volunteers went to Aceh as part of a relief project. The team from all over the world, based out of Ubud has established a walk-in clinic in Cot Seulamot near Meulaboh on the west coast of Aceh.

The Indian Ocean off the West Coast of Sama Tiga Aceh is the exact temperature of tears. The Bumi Sehat free walk in clinic in Cot Seulamat, Sama Tiga, Aceh, serves an average of 70 patients per day. It rains endlessly. There are earthquakes. And there are tears -- lots of them.

The rolling staff consists of volunteers from all over the world, based out of Bali. The Aceh staff is growing and will give solidity to our dream of sustainability. This clinic is a neutral place where tsunami victims, host families, and the most marginalized peoples feel comfortable coming for help.

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