Corby's drug trial and Australian public opinion

Everybody's talking about it - and we receive tons of letters from readers with comments ranging from simple outcry over injustice to: Never Bali again.

Although the case is really little related to our central theme of Ubud affairs the impact on Bali and Bali tourism of this trial is so big, that we try to address the issiue by publishing a well balanced commentary from Jakarta Post's chief editor Endy M. Bayuni. He concentrates in his article on the devasting effect the loud outcry of public opinon in Australia over the Colby case had on the trial by itself.

The 20-year prison term meted out by a court in Bali against Schapelle Corby on Friday for smuggling cannabis into the country is not the end of the road as far as her legal fight is concerned, but if there is one important lesson we can learn from the trial, it is that the massive public campaign in Australia, her home country, for her release has, at times, gone overboard and probably not helped her case at all.

We likely may never know for sure if the judges in the Denpasar District Court determined the sentence solely on the basis of evidence presented before them, or whether other factors, including undue outside pressure, influenced their decision. But we do know for sure that the sentence is rather severe even by Indonesian standards.

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Did letter's like this really help Schapelle?
Russel Grove: "The photographs of Schapelle Corby broke my heart. I don't understand how we can, as a country, stand by and let a young lady rot away in a foreign prison. That is ridiculous. It is Indonesia, fine and dandy, but we need to find a rational platform to save this girl's life."


Anonymous said...

The judges and prosecutors days are numbered!

There will be a contract out!