Aussie in hashish arrest

Ubud is making headlines again, this time not for the better. Nearly all Australian newspapers carrying today articles about an Australian caught here with a small amount of hashish. Rob Taylor, Sian Powell, Tom Richardson, Cindy Wockner, Komang Suriadi and others are reporting:

The man from Adelaide is the latest to face Bali's tough anti-drugs laws, following in the footsteps of the Bali Nine and Schapelle Corby and prompting denials from Balinese police that Australians have been targeted.

John Julian Pyle, a 43-year-old South Australian, was arrested in his bungalow in the river area of Sayan, near Ubud, allegedly with 1.8g of hashish hidden in his rented house. Despite the small amount of drugs, Indonesia's tough laws mean Mr Pyle faces a maximum 10-year sentence and 500,000,000 Rupiah (US$ 50 000) fine. Marijuana and hashish are considered schedule-one drugs in Indonesia, along with heroin, and possession is considered a serious crime.

The largest piece of 1g was in a plastic ziplock bag hidden under a tablecloth on a computer table, 0.7g of the soft drug were found secreted between a glass phial in the kitchen, while the smallest piece of 0.1g the was in a condom box found next to a book on the stairs of the two-storey house.

Drug squad officer I Ketut Wartana said Mr Pyle had been co-operative since he was arrested by 10 officers at 5.30 am on Sunday after three weeks of police surveillance. Police said he confessed to buying the hashish in the capital, Denpasar, and that it was for personal use. Police were still searching for the supplier. Also seized was a cigarette butt police allege was used to smoke the drug. The police had been watching Mr Pyle's house for the past three weeks after a tip-off. Mr Wartana said urine tests for the presence of drugs were conducted on Mr Pyle, but results were not yet known.

Mr Pyle lived alone. In Adelaide, his mother Cynthia Pyle said she was "horrified" her son was behind bars and said her son had moved to Bali because the cost of living was much cheaper. "Hi ... are you in jail?," Mrs Pyle asked her son during a short phone call. "I didn't think he'd do anything stupid like that, especially after everything that has happened in Bali," she said afterwards.

Her son did not dispute the charge. Mr Pyle, whose occupation was listed as online business, appeared relaxed and smiled for the cameras as he was interrogated in the police station. Mr Pyle told The Australian last night he "was a little bit surprised about the whole thing but other than that I am okay".

The Adelaide man had two addresses, including a temporary Ubud residence, and a permanent one in Australia. Mr Pyle has mainly stayed in Bali for the past 2 1/2 years while his estranged wife and their child live in Australia.

Wearing a lime-green batik shirt and jeans, Mr Pyle yesterday engaged lawyer MH Rifan, who represents five of the nine Australians arrested in Bali last month.

He was the 18th Australian arrested in Bali for drug offences since 2002, Col. Reniban said. An Australian diplomat in Bali said staff from the consulate in Denpasar had visited Mr Pyle in Ubud. "He is receiving consular assistance," he said.

Sources: Herald Sun, Jakarta Post, News.com Australia, The courier mail


Anonymous said...

hi i am a sister inlaw of a indonesion guy who was running drugs in bali he gave my sister cocain i was in the bed next to them horrified why are they getting away with drug running and our australians are getting 20 years jail i am a regular buyer in bali but am now thinking serious obout going elsewhere

Anonymous said...

What´s fucking wrong with the world? A man wiht 1,8g Hashish should go to prison 10 years? How sick is that?!

People around the globe should stand up against the war on drugs and weed has to be free as tobacco and alcohol are!

People decide by their own what kind of drug they use, no law should try this. Especially when it´s for own use and not for business.

Australiens fight against the stupid indonesian laws and get your people out of bali jails and fucking bastards there!

Anonymous said...

John, It's your Chang Meister here, Tanked up and all that.

May your God bless you. No one, especially in this troubled global climate, deseves such punishment for such a SMALL misdemeanor. Believe MANY this is LESS than a misdemeanor. Quite simply WRONG. I am thinking of you.