Cry for help for Sumatra

Following the recent disaster of 26 December, we have received a number of requests for advice about organizations to donate funds to. Potential donors are very keen to help, given the scale of the disaster, but are understandably anxious that their assistance is channelled effectively, and transparently, with a minimum of 'operating expenses' and wastage. Such donors may for one reason or another be reluctant to give via the traditional worldwide organizations.

We understand these concerns, and as a result recommend the IDEP Foundation, based here in Ubud-Bali, and here are several reasons why:

1) Several of IDEP's leaders both here at the Bali head office and in the field in Sumatra have been known to us personally for as long as 28 years. Among other nationalities they are Australian, German, American, British, and of course Indonesian.

2) IDEP was founded and is staffed by lovers of Indonesia, based in Ubud. It speaks the language, literally - which is a very important attribute. Its philosophy in dealing with this disaster is intelligent aid, via intelligent channels, using intelligent people. By the way: One of their members posts an always up-to-date blog about current activities and the team. Highly recommended to have a look!

3) Perhaps most important of all, IDEP has teamed up with long-term expatriate residents of the west coast of Sumatra, who have been running diving and surfing trips for many years in the very islands and along the very coastlines that now lie devastated and inaccessible due to politics, distance, and destroyed roads and bridges. They are THERE. They KNOW the area. They HAVE the boats, including zodiacs for beaching where ports are destroyed, and they are actually based in Padang, the largest port on the west coast of Sumatra, which itself luckily escaped damage.

4) IDEP's Sumatra Project has obtained the backing of both SurfAid and Ausaid, the Australian government's disaster relief organization.

Contributions can be sent by clicking here

Or directly to IDEP's Indonesian Bank Account, published earlier.
We would appreciate it if you would send us a copy of your transfer receipt - or just a comment, if you prefer - so we can coordinate records with IDEP. Thank you!