Alila Ubud receives Tourism Award

The Alila Ubud was honoured with the Tri Hita Karana Tourism Awards as a leader in environmentally friendly tourism standards. Those who receive the Award of THK are tourism enterprises that are environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and most importantly based on the spiritual life of the locals.

It was especially mentioned, that Alia won the Gold medal (after receiving Silver last year) for their unending respect and admiration of Ubud's artistic culture in the locale region of the Ayung river.

The Alila Ubud has offers also a special Ubud Art tour programme on its menu of cultural experiences that will help you orientate yourself around Ubud’s art buffet.

Ubud and its vicinity offer much to the art enthusiast. Whether you are just browsing or you are intent on collecting, there is a concentration of museums, studios and all manner of galleries in and around Ubud for you to sample art in Bali.

The tour is normally four hours long, and will take you on a route to the Agung Rai Museum of Art in Pengosekan where there is an excellent collection of Batuan Style paintings from the 1930s – 1950s housed on the second floor of one gallery block. In a separate building, the ARMA has a display of contemporary paintings, where you will find a gathering of works by some of the most important Indonesian artists. Incidentally, the ARMA offers cultural workshops on Balinese painting, wood carving, gamelan, and dance, etc.

Rudana Museum in Peliatan

The Alila art tour continues on to the Museum Rudana in Peliatan, where you can witness the technique of Ubud Style painting. On the museum premises, there is a complex labyrinth of rooms where paintings in every style of Balinese art are available for purchase.

Then it’s on to the Njana Tilem Gallery to sample the Mas style of Balinese wood carving. Named after the father and son master wood carvers, Njana and Tilem respectively, the Gallery has a small room displaying the family’s not-for-sale collection of sculptures by its namesake. For sale are carvings, by the Gallery’s carvers, in the styles of the masters, and you can also see the craftsmen at work on the premises.

The tour rounds off with a visit to a batik workshop in Batubulan.