Bali back to Normal

Marian Carrol reports in today's 'Age' about travellers returning to Bali.

For the year to September, foreign arrivals from Australia and Asia jumped more than 50 per cent to 1.1 million, just short of the same period in 2002, says Darin Storksond, a spokesman for the Bali Tourism Board. While North Americans and Europeans remain spooked, more than 250,000 Australians are expected to have visited Bali by the end of the year and businesses predict total tourism will return to pre-bombing levels by early next year.

At Ibah Luxury Villas in Ubud, an hour's drive north of Kuta, occupancy remains strong at about 75 per cent. The general manager, David Kearns, says they have experienced no impact from the Jakarta bombing. "In fact, we had five or six bookings from Australia and Japan the day after. There seems to be more impact on the corporate market as there are staff responsibility issues involved." More...

Lights are on again at Ibah Luxery Villas