Visas for Indonesia

Indonesia's new Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik has recommended to the government that more countries be granted eligibility to purchase visas on arrival at Indonesia's gateways.

Currently there are just 21 nations that are eligible for visa on arrival
at designated airports in Indonesia. Speculation is rife that at a minimum, Holland together with Belgium and Luxembourg will soon be eligible for VOA.

The Minister also hinted that the period of validity of the current VOA will also be extended. It is expected that the US$10 three-day visa will be extended to seven days and the US$25 thirty-day visa will be extended to 60 days validity.

Mr Wacik said that surveys of visitors show they were less concerned about the added expense but were often very critical about service efficiency, delays and complications that arise at airports when applying for entry.

He said 20 more visa booths would soon be opened at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport to address this feedback.

This article is contributed by Poppies Bali.