The power of language

In her latest article following up her recent visit of the Ubud Writers and Readers festival Dewi Anggraeni discusses language and especially translation issues. She wrote earlier, that one of the biggest shortcomings of the Ubud festival was the lack of proper translation.

This time she describes the life journey of Australian born Jennifer Lindsay, who has spend more time in Yogya(karta) than in any place in her home country.

Jennifer, who is particular well-known for her excellent translation of Tempo editor's Goenawan Mohamad works has a lot of interesting stories to tell - and as always bilingual Dewi puts those stories in the right wording in today's Jakarta Post.

I Panji Tisna, one of the island's most important social critics and leading new member of the Steering Committee for the next Ubud Writers and Readers festival will surely be happy about this article.

I Panji Tisna and Janet de Neefe (Archive Photos)
Main organisers of next years and this years Ubud Writers and Readers festival

He was recommending at the last session of the steering committee to integrate Indonesian and Balinese writers more into the schedule of the next program and especially to improve translation efforts. Although exact dates for next year's Festival are still to be determined, October 10-16, 2005 seems to be the choice of the mastermind behind the initial festival and best ever Bali Writers and Readers gathering. Janet de Neefe, well worth reading if you like bloggs (personal news), has by the way the best from anyone in Ubud, although unfortunately in a technical outdated format.

Bali : Living in two Worlds

The latest book from I Panji Tisna, image shows book cover of German Version