Gods of the Rice

Singapore based Moving Visuals are currently producing a documentary called Gods of the Rice. To be filmed almost entirely in the rice terraces in Ubud, Gods of the Rice, will feature extensively the beauty and majesty of the rice terraces in Bali. They wrote to us:

We will be spending 6 more days in Bali at the end of November, filming with farmers and villagers and their rituals, beliefs and traditions. We believe this will be a good chance for us to experience the majesty of the rice terraces and also a "promotional" video for the rice fields of Bali. This program is slated for international broadcast all over Asia and Europe. after being here...
Ubud Rice Paddies by Dieter Lotze - also available as Panorama by clicking on the image. Requires a fast connection and QuickTime.

We are writing in to invite the Ubud community to be part of this documentary through means of sponsorship. But what will the Ubud community get in return? The media is and remains a very influential tool in our lives. It not only transmits news but influences lifestyle decisions and travel ideas.

Gods of the Rice will be a good platform for businesses and organisations to advertise and be seen all over the world. We will be able to give sponsoring businesses this platform through means of credits at the end of the program and also incidentals in our program.

Please contact them for further enquieries via the website.

The Moving Visuals