Bali in Concert

Bali will be within walking distance from Vienna's main station pretty soon. On the 15. November 2004 the brilliant gamelan Gong Kebyar will be playing in the Wiener Konzerthaus. Titled "Bali in Concert" it is a unique concert which presents the "sounds" of Bali.

Alternates by the human voices of Kecak and the bamboo resonances of the Gamelan Jegog, offers an unforgettable experience. The 30 men strong orchestra from the ARMA Gamelan Group from the village of Pengosekan, Ubud, is formed by Masters from several villages in Bali, who came together for this challenging project.

The ARMA Gamelan Group - Pengosekan - Ubud - Bali is formed by 30 musicians.

Further Scheduled performances are planned for:
18 November - Atelier d'Ethnomusicologie Genève
20 November - Concertgebouw Amsterdam
21 November - De Singel Antwerpen

If you happen to be in Ubud: Please take the chance and come by to the training sessions in the ARMA.