Magical Ubud for the cheap

Susan Spano, well travelled around the Globe gives in the San Francisco Chronicle tips for finding a room on your trails, when less than the most expensive one will do. She had good luck in Ubud with her approach:

In the magical Balinese hill town of Ubud, I passed up the Four Seasons for a room at Pringga Juwita Water Garden Cottages. It had a nice big double bed covered with an Indonesian print spread, ceiling fan and adjoining bath, set in a fenced garden where I sat in the tub al fresco. Finding such places takes beating the pavement, not just luck or even pre-trip research (although a bargain hunter needs to know when it's high season and accommodations at all price levels are likely to be scant). Whatever my destination, I used to book a room in a reliable, higher-priced place the first night, then go hunting for a good budget hotel to move to for the rest of my stay. This is most fruitfully done around noon, when rooms have been vacated and cleaned and the staff isn't too busy to show you around.