Healing and celebrations

Moments of coincide this week in Bali with the commemoration of the bombing two years ago at the Writers and Readers Festival in Ubud, reports the Jakarta Post.

As survivors and relatives of the bombing victims prayed together with local residents at a memorial near Kuta, the Ubud festival entered its fourth day with various workshops.

Features of the event which runs until Oct. 17 are not limited to high brow literature, though celebrated author Pramoedya Ananta Toer is on the guest list. The various workshops are not the typical indoor affairs, but include dinners, brunches and strolling as part of the "work."

Aspiring writers and bookworms will find a wealth of interesting things with which to be inspired, including a rare meeting with food writer and author of Fragrant Market Janet De Neefe, scheduled for Saturday morning. Another is experiencing a walk with one of the world's foremost travel writers, Tony Wheeler.

Lonely Planet's Tony Wheeler and Ryan ver Berkmoes shared many light moments with Bill Dalton, author of the classic Indonesian Handbook (from left)


Anonymous said...

The cultural centre of the Arts is now also including the written word – and not only travel writers! Although it was a real pleasure to have Tony Wheeler as a guide for one of Ubud’s most fascinating walks.


Anonymous said...

I complettly agree - hope we will have to chance to participate on further discussions in preparation to the next conference.