Balinese still wary

William J. Furney, freelance journalist based in Bali, is one of many writers analising current situation in Bali after Muslim terrorists attacked our small paradise. He writes in Singapore's Straits Times:
Two years after the Bali bombing, the Balinese have more ceremonies in the temples and are more careful about (foreign tourists); and the Balinese are improving their economy - for example there are more new shops and cafes now,' a Jakarta businesswoman living in the Kuta district tells me. Indeed, all around, beehive-like construction work hammers on; spirited trucks endlessly ferry rocks, sand and other materials about; great piles of sand line the windy, narrow streets. Said a visiting Australian man living in Hong Kong: 'Bali's the same as it was before the bombings, when I was here in 2000, and that's a good thing; life goes on.' A fresh wind of enthusiasm is in the air, but it belies a more entrenched air of anxiety.