Ubud: Focus of writers world

If Ubud is mentioned nowadys in the international press chances are high, that the upcoming Ubudwriters Festival is the topic. Gilda Sagrado gives today the latest update on the preparation:

So far, the Festival has attracted 60 writers and cultural workers from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Europe and the USA. The Committee expects the confirmation of a further 25 writers and performers from Bali, Java, and other islands of Indonesia such as Sulawesi and Sumatra, pending funding.
The Festival will focus on several key themes: These are:
Through Darkness to Light, Indonesian and Western perceptions of Bali post 2002;
Pressing Concerns, which will include discussions by and with Southeast Asian book and magazine publishers;
From Page to Stage [Writers and performance];
The Long Way Home [Travel writing and identity];
Children of the Gods [Children’s and young people’s literature];
with one day being devoted to lifestyle, coffee and tropical cuisine.

An event surely not to be missed.