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Following our recent article about Alila Ubud's cultural program we were pointed to the fact, that if you have other or specific interests for the itinerary of a cultural tour, the Alila Ubud’s cultural guide Sang Putu Ardana is most willing, and able, to tailor a tour to match your preferences. Here are some of his ideas for itineraries, as mentioned before collected by Joanna Lee.

The Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud houses a good representation of Pre-World War II Balinese paintings and a rare and exquisite collection of Balinese sculptures.
The Neka Art Museum in Sanggingan has a good collection of paintings by Balinese artists curated to illustrate the various styles of Balinese painting.
The musuem also houses paintings by important Indonesian and expatriate artists whose friendship with Suteja Neka, the museum’s founder, is evident from the exhibits.

Another (and a more intimate) way to experience art in Ubud is to visit the artists’ studios, which in many instances mean dropping in on them at their homes. Drive through Penestanan, or Pengosakan, or Peliatan, and you will see a concentration of signs announcing the residence of painters, carvers and mask makers. Mas has a cluster of wood carvers, and stone carvings line the stretch to Batubulan. You are likely to catch the painters and carvers at work, but they are usually willing to put down their tools and engage in a chat.

Article and experience by Joanna Lee of Sapere Art Management and Consultancy ( Joanna has 12 years' experience as a museum professional and sits on the Art Consultative Committee of the Media Development Authority, Singapore.


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