Yoga festival at Indus

In November, we held a two-day yoga festival at Indus. My new friend, Samantha Gowing from Melbourne, assisted by running free pilates classes and together we ran some Ayurvedic meets Balinese cooking classes. We were also featuring Ayurvedic food on the Indus menu with an introduction to Ayurvedic philosophy and Pilates. We had loads of fun, as young girls always do! Yoga teachers from the famous Yoga Arts studio in Byron Bay ran some inspiring vinyasa classes and our gentle friend, Emil, ran meditation and pranayana classes in the morning and late afternoon. All sorts of esoteric bits'n'pieces were on sale at Indus and the ex-pat community spent a happy weekend networking and laughing. Saturday night was party night and we had my favorite Latino band playing. We danced to the beat all night in true yoga spirit! The festival will run again this November, 2004. Hope you can make it!


Ubud Bali Healer and Yogi said...

Balinese Yoga Retreat at JATI 3 Bungalow.... Ubud .Jln Monkey Foresh.

Special Classic Balinese Yoga, by I MADE SUMNATRA.
25/9 - 28/9-2007