Ubud against new visa policy

Anger, confusion and disbelief -- that is the reaction of the tourist industry and the expatriate community following the drastic change in immigration regulations. The government recently revoked the visa-free-entry for tourists from 48 countries. The decree means new fees and new red tape -- who would believe that an ailing tourism industry that employs and feeds hundreds of thousands of people could be supported by making it more difficult and unpleasant to visit the country? In Thailand, arriving guests are offered candy at the airport immigration counter, which they pass through within three minutes. more...

Stefan Reisner, Puri Asri Hotel, Ubud, Bali

The writer is the former foreign editor of the German magazine Stern.

Source: Jakarta Post, 16.April 2003


Paradise News said...

I don't know if this information about retirement visas is of any use in this context.

Last time I was in Bali, I was told by an immigration specialist that the required 'proof of income' mentioned sounds problematic. But that (in his words) "They don't check".There be a 'trap' however because one may be taxed at a rate of 25-35% on declared income, and that would be a lot of money to pay each year if you must declare a minimum of $18,000 income a year.

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